If you know SQL, and have used other BI platforms, then you’ll quickly be taking advantage of bipp’s enterprise BI features. Our documentation has been written by bipp’s analysts and will help you get the most out of the platform. Our community helps if you’re stuck and want a quick response to your questions. And if you’d like to talk 1 to 1 with one of our analysts, send a note to and one of our bippers will get you back on track.

bipp’s Experts Join Your Team

But if your organization has more complex or comprehensive BI and analytics needs, having access to bipp’s experts can be a life saver (or get you home on a Friday afternoon). bipp professional services can help you develop your BI strategy, get you started faster, and help you demonstrate return on your company’s BI and analytics investment.

Consulting and implementation services

No one knows bipp better than bipp. If you have a BI vision and need help converting it, give us a call. bipp’s experts will partner with you on your challenge and design the best solution for your business, based on our years of helping teams solve problems. We see BI and business from your POV - and will help build a framework that works for your company.

Implementation and support services

Unlike other BI platforms, we grew up solving large enterprise BI challenges. We’ve learned that having an expert team is critical. We know how complex, dispersed global organizations work, and can help you quickly and seamlessly build, deploy and optimize your BI solution.

bipp premium customers are guaranteed 20 hours support each year, so bipp’s best brains are never far away. This helps you show bipp’s benefits faster. Our team built bipp, and have years of experience helping large and small businesses avoid teething problems.

bipp QuickStart support helps you with:

  • Guidance and support for connecting the datasource with bipp
  • Reviewing current database schema and help with data model specification in the bippLang data modeling language
  • Helping map specific problems to 'how-tos' in bippLang
  • Supporting dashboard development

Your dedicated customer support manager will partner with your team to make sure you’re getting the most from your bipp investment.This team ensures the best application of bipp technology for your project. They’re responsible for strategic guidance as well as designing, developing, testing and deploying applications.

Depending on your project needs, we’ll help you with architecture and set up including DB architecture guidance, on-premises deployment and configuration, and installation and load balancing. We’ll also develop and optimize your reusable bippLang data models. These can be used by the entire company, ensuring everyone is using the same language to represent KPIs and data.

bipp Training

While we think you’ll figure out bipp pretty quickly, it’s always good to know help is on hand when you need it. Whether you’re starting out and need a boost - or want to improve your BI and analytics skills - bipp offers a range of remote training courses for all skill levels. They include:

  • Foundation training
  • Data Developer training
  • Advanced Data Developer training
  • Business User training
  • Data Explorer training

bipp is a business intelligence platform built for data analysts from the ground up. If you’re looking for a modern, enterprise-grade, in-database BI platform, click here...